IQE was founded in 2004 in Indianapolis, IN, and to ensure we offer the best price to our customers we built our production facility in China. IQE supplies local premium Aluminum Die Casting, Investment Casting, Iron Sand Casting, Steel Forging, Sheet Metal Stamping, and Plastic Injection Molding. We also provide standard product, Rigging hardware and Stainless steel worm drive hose clamps.

In China we have quality raw material suppliers and a quality team. Quality and customer satisfaction is the top goal of any of our services. IQE’s quality management team in China ensures every product that leaves our facility is of the best quality. We do this by checking each stage in the production process to ensure our products meets the specifications before shipping. We are ISO9001-2000 certificated.

The IQE Indiana office is where we communicate design ideas, and convert all standards via bilingual Engineers to help work through all other challenges to make sure we exceed your quality, service and financial goals.

Ordering from IQE: For each shipment, we normally provide a COC, material certificates and dimension inspection report. Upon request, we can also provide a hardness tests, tensile tests, chemical analysis test and porosity inspection. We normally deliver your product to your dock; or if requested, we can stock your product in the US. If by chance a quality issue arises, rest assured that we will take care of any problems to exceed your expectations.

Export to China: If you feel your product is good fit for the Chinese market and want to export your product to China, IQE may be able to give you a hand with our sales team in China. Please contact us.


Engineering assistance

Engineering: Based on request, IQE can provide the following services for our customers:

– CAD model development from your sample;
– Stress analysis, which helps in knowing whether the design is adequate and optimized,and what changes are needed, before the physical part is made;
-Some Mechanical and Chemical Lab tests for your prototype part.

Impact simulation of a cone shaped plastic cushion