• Iron Sand Casting

  • IQ-Enterprises (IQE) is a premium manufacturing firm, located in Indianapolis, Indiana, and in China. Established in 2004, IQE supplies high quality and low cost iron sand casting. We make ductile iron casting, gray iron casting and malleable iron casting. The casting processes include green sand casting, shell casting, and resin coated sand casting. Castings are handled with great care to meet required dimensions, surface finish, etc. IQE also offers engineering services and secondary operations, such as: machining, assembly, plating, e-coating, etc. We also provide steel casting.

    Communication, Quality, On-Time Delivery: In the US, we handle your project from beginning to end. We communicate design ideas, and convert all standards via bilingual Engineers to help work through all other challenges to make sure we exceed your quality, service and financial goals. Quality, on-time delivery and customer satisfaction is the goal of our service. IQE’s quality management team in China checks the product quality at each stage in the production process to make sure the product meets the specifications before shipping. Based on request, we deliver your product to your dock or may stock your product in North America. ISO9001-2000 certificated. 

  • Iron sand casting foundry equipment List

    Melting Equipment, Sand Treatment Equipment, Molding Line, Core Making Equipment, Surface treatment Line, Heat Treatment Line, Quality Assurance Instrument

  • Equipment Name
    Equipment Type Equipment Origin Equipment Q’ty Capacity Parameter
    Melting Equipment
    Cupola 5T Korea 1 set 5T/h automatic , hot wind T=1500 C°
      3T China 1 set 3T/h normal hot wind T=1500 C°
    Electrical Holding Furnace 3T Korea 1 Set 400KW 3T/h
    Sand Treatment Equipment:
    Sand mixing line   Japan/Korea 3 sets 1500~3500kgs/time
    Molding Line:
    PC Semi Automatic
    molding line
      Korea 23 sets 300x380x100/100mm(sand box inner dimension) 300 mold/h/set
    RMB-2016 Automatic
    molding line
      Japan 2 sets 410x510x150/150mm(sand box inner dimension) 120 mold/h
    KW368 Automatic
    molding line
      Germany 1 set 410x570x130/110mm(sand box inner dimension) 240mold/h
    148C molding line   China 2 sets 800x600x250mm(sand box inner dimension) 60 mold/h
    Core Making Equipment
    Automatic sand mixing
    for core making
      Korea 1 set 4T/h
    Shell core machine   Korea 19 sets 1.4-2 minutes/time
    Surface treatment Line
    Shot blast   Korea 5 sets 1-1.5T/20 minutes
    Heat Treatment Line
    Continuous tunnel type
    heat treatment line
      Korea 2 sets 26000x2240x1800mm 1300kgs/h
    Quality Assurance Instrument
    Spectrometer ARL3460 Swiss 1 set Quick analysis of chemical content for raw material
    CMM from Brown & Sharp   U.S.A 1 set Dimensional check for tooling and finished parts
    microscope for
      Japan 1 set Could print out the photo of metallographic microstructure of raw material
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    Casting Heat Treatment Line KW Automatic Molding Line
    refer to adjacent text refer to adjacent text
    5T Cupola Horizontal Molding Line
  • Commonly used cast iron and steel

    Cast gray iron: more info

        China GB/T 9439-1988: HT100 HT150 HT200 HT250 HT300 HT350
        ASTM A159-82:   G1800 G2500 G3000 G3500 G4000
        UNS:   F10004 F10005 F10009 F10007 F10008
        ASTM A48-00: No. 20 No. 25 No. 30
    No. 35
    No. 40
    No. 45 No. 50
  • Cast ductile iron: more info

        China GB/T1348-1988: QT400-18 QT400-15 QT450-10 QT500-7 QT600-3
        ASTM A536-99: 60-40-18   65-45-12 80-55-06
        UNS: F32800   F33100 F33800
  • Cast malleable iron: more info

        China GB/T9440-1988: KTH300-06 KTH330-08 KTH350-10 KTH370-12  
        ASTM A47:     32510 35018  
  • Cast steel: more info

        China, GB: 20 45 65Mn 20Cr 40Cr 35CrMo 42CrMo 40CrNiMo GCr15
        ASTM: 1020 1045 1566 5120 5140 4135 4140 8620 5210
        AISI/UNS: G10200 G10450   G51200 G51400 G41350 G41400 G86200 G52100
        SAE: 1020 1045 1566(1066) 5120 5140 4135 4140 8620 5210
  • Sand casting technical data and secondary operation

  • Iron sand casting tolerances  Green sand casting: 0.125 – 0.0625 / ft.
    Shell-mold casting: 0.094 – 0.031 / ft.
    Part weight range  0.22 lbs to 220 lbs
    Sand casting mold draft:  1 – 3 degrees
    Sand casting pattern material  Using wood or metal.
    Sand casting tooling lifetime  Wood mold: 300- 400 cycles (or less for large part)
    Metal mold: a few 100K
    Deburring  belt sanding, grinding machines, brush deburring, filing, sand blast, tumbling, vibration deburring, etc.
    Sand casting surface roughness (RMS, µin)  Green sand casting surface roughness: 250-300;
    Shell casting surface roughness: 150-200
    Normal lead time:  Tooling and sample: 2 weeks – 3 weeks.
    Complicated parts take longer.
    Secondary operations  Heat treatment
    Magnetic particle inspection
    Zinc plating
    Nickel plating
  • Engineering assistance

    Engineering: Based on request, IQE can provide the following services for our customers:
    – CAD model development from your sample;
    – Stress analysis, which helps in knowing whether the design is adequate and optimized,and what changes are needed, before the physical part is made;
    -Some Mechanical and Chemical Lab tests for your prototype part.

  • Impact simulation of a cone shaped plastic cushion

    Impact simulation of a cone shaped plastic cushion

  • Industries served

    Automotives, appliances, communications, electric motors, decoration.