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Custom Manufacturing – Gray Iron Casting

Aluminum die casting machine

Gray Iron Casting is performed through Sand Casting and can be used to produce gray iron parts with a high degree of precision and good tolerances. Our gray iron casting is great for both simple and semi-complex parts. Gray iron is a strong, durable material and cast gray iron is used to make a wide variety of parts for a diverse list of industries and applications. IQ-Enterprises (IQE) has been performing gray iron casting for many years and has a great depth of experience in this area.

QE’s U.S. office is located in Indianapolis, Indiana, and from there oversees all the manufacturing and production done in China or elsewhere. Our gray iron casting is performed at our plants by trained and experienced workers who take great care in meeting your required dimensions, surface finish, tolerances, and more. IQE also offers engineering services to help ensure that our gray iron casting produces the high quality parts you demand. On-time delivery and customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal of our service. Our quality management team checks all the key specifications and parameters at each stage in the gray iron casting process to make sure your products are exactly as ordered before being shipped.

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