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Valves Carbon Steel Forgings

IQ-Enterprises (IQE) specializes in providing low cost quality ISO 9001:2015 certified valves carbon steel forgings.

Steel forging is the process of having shaping metal using compressive forces. IQE provides open and closed die forging. Steel forging is used for making complex shapes that would not be economical via other methods.

Valves Carbon Steel Forgings

Forging is usually classified by the temperature the process is performed at. Cold forging, warm forging, or hot forging. For warm and hot forgings, the metal is heating in a forge. China has been forging metal for thousands of years.

Steel Forging Materials

Materials could include aluminum, alloy steel and stainless steel.

Industries IQE specializes in providing low cost forgings for aerospace, agriculture, aircraft, automotive, boat, cargo handling, cell tower, commercial, construction, crane, decoration, energy, heavy hauling and lifting, industrial, marine, material handling, medical, metalworking, mining, offshore, oil & gas, pipeline, power generation, railroad, refinery, ship, stage and theater, steel works, subsea, towing, transportation, truck and other industries.

In addition to low cost valves carbon steel forgings, IQE provides secondary operations such as welding and riveting, drilling, tapping, CNC machining and EDM, heat treating, assembly, packaging, chromating or phosphating, printing, painting, e-coating, zinc plating, nickel plating, anodizing, polishing, brushing, and more.

IQE are experts on valves carbon steel forgings. We ensure you use the correct material, forging process and secondary operations that is the lowest cost and highest quality for your unique end application.

The valves carbon steel forgings process is used for anchor shackles, ball bearings, ball joints, beam clamps, bearings, blocks, bolts, clips, chain links, chain pullers, chain shackles, chain slings, chokers, clamps, claws, engine components and parts, fasteners, hooks, gears, nuts, eyenuts, fittings, fixtures, gear boxes, hand tools, hinges, rings, turnbuckles, lifting eyes, load arrestors, load binders, machinery parts, pins, pulleys, shackles, stud balls, spreader beams, valves, wear parts, and more.

Contact IQE for your valves carbon steel forgings in-depth consultation to ensure you have the right forging method that is best for your end product needs. We will help reduce your manufacturing costs, save you time, and ensure the fastest turnaround time with the highest quality products.

We provide large parts valves carbon steel forgings services in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Michigan, Missouri, Iowa, Wisconsin, and the rest of the Midwest. We provide small parts prototype and short run casting services everywhere.

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